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Sacramento California - Implant Dentures & Partials
Sacramento California - Dentures & Partials

Implant retained dentures are a reliable treatment for ensuring that your dentures fit snuggly and comfortably while remaining securely anchored to your lower arch.

Implant Retained Dentures

Providing implant retained dentures in Sacramento, California

Many patients who are missing part of their teeth or all of their teeth will resort to wearing partial or full dentures. Yet, an all too common problem is that dentures frequently  do not fit properly. They are either too loose or ill-fitting, which creates unnecessary discomfort and frustration.

Often the reason for the looseness is not poor fit, but that the structures that support and retain the dentures or partial denture (ridges or arches) are inadequate to give the kind of retention and stability that the patient needs to effectively support the denture for comfort and ease of speaking and function. They simply lack a solid "anchor."

In these cases, making another prosthesis (denture or partial denture), will not provide the additional stability and retention that the patient needs, and at this stage, there are only two options:

1) Have the new dentures made and deal with the inadequacy of the stability and retention by using adhesives or pads, or

2) Have an array of implants (minimally 2 up to as many as 8) to retain and anchor a dental prosthesis (denture, partial denture or bridge).

In most cases it is the lower arch that generates the most problems, so the majority of our attention is focused on providing treatment that will stabilize the lower denture. Entering into this relatively new type of dental restoration process gives the patient a wide array of options. Naturally, the more implants that are placed, the higher will be the treatment costs; so each treatment option must be given practical financial consideration.

Implants to restore missing teeth can vary from a single implant to replace one tooth that has been lost with a "fixed" restoration to up to 8 or 10 implants in an arch to provide a complete and fixed (cemented or screwed in) full arch of teeth. So, we can utilize dental implants to provide anywhere from a complete arch of fixed crowns to a more simple two-implant retained over-denture case.

The type and style of implant case that is most suitable for you will depend upon your personal situation. After evaluating your physical and medical condition, needs & desires for a restored dental result, ability to commit to the necessary treatment from a time perspective, and of course, the financial commitment, can a restoration plan be defined and  implemented.

If you have been considering dentures but want to be sure of a reliable and stable result, we invite you to contact our office in Sacramento, California to schedule an initial consultation.

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